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Reduce support calls through a carefully planned proactive approach.

We take the complicated out of caring for your SCADA or automation system by offering multi-year support contracts which discount our hourly rates.  Despite the best prevention, the unexpected does happen.  When it does, you want to know someone is going to be there to help.  This is why we guarantee our availability to support your system.  It’s simple, if we don’t respond any time of the day, 24×7, you don’t pay for the support.

Managed Support

We prefer to be viewed as a valued member of your staff and measure our relationship in years rather than in number of incidents.  To do this, we provide managed support services which not only cover all of your break fix and proactive support needs, but allow you to focus on your core business of supporting and caring for the residents and businesses of your community.  Try us! You won’t believe how affordable a multi-year support agreement can be!


Reassured knowing that you can reach out and get assistance only when needed?  We can be available for a time and materials based support arrangement. For agencies that want to manage their own IT or SCADA and just need supplemental support, we offer a basic time-based support option where you only pay for what you need.   

Proactive Support

You don’t wait until your engine locks up to change the oil.  Your SCADA and IT should be no different.  Concentric suggests all government agencies have a plan to proactively patch, back up, and maintain valuable SCADA and IT assets.  We work with you to find the “sweet spot” of how often is just right to give you the peace of mind you need.

Supplemental Support Staff

Consider allowing our staff to supplement your staff with the SCADA and Public Works-related software, hardware, and technology training that we specialize in.  We will work hand-in-hand with your IT staff to transform your Public Works’ use of technology into a truly efficient, value-added, asset for your organization.  Why struggle to hire a technology, instrumentation, or SCADA employee yourself when you can work with our staff and team for a fraction of the cost?

Let's explore how we can integrate your system