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Obtaining real-time pump and water production status throughout your entire water system infrastructure opens the door to more intelligent data visibility and improved decision-making ability. A Water Accountability Portal yields real-time information on pump status, total daily water produced, cost of energy and chemicals to produce that water, and highlights operational strategies for maximizing water production at minimal costs.

A Portal also gives the whole picture on the volume and rate at which water is being produced and consumed, and the cost and potential revenue of each. Real-time discrepancies between water produced, stored, and consumed can be quickly identified, allowing a water system owner / operator to identify leaks and other potential infrastructure failures before they become critical.

Depending on the data available, a Portal can show a variety of metrics, including:

  • Electrical cost/Million Gallons/hour
  • Chemical cost/Million Gallons/hour
  • Well real-time power usage
  • Peak Electrical Demand Period and kW – Month to Date
  • Current real-time price of power vs. historical flat rate cost for the community (for comparison)
  • Real-time observed water system demand (i.e. water produced minus water metered minus water going into storage)
  • Hourly or daily non-revenue water (water loss)

What a Portal does for you – Savings!

Operators, financial departments, and administrators are all able to obtain secure, mobile, read-only access to the Portal to learn where and how water is being used, reconcile swings in water use, and create a more intelligent, adaptive water management plan. A Portal:

  • Shows customer demands and trends.
  • Acts as an easy-to- use interface for a community’s staff or consultants to view near real-time water data without being in SCADA.
  • Simplifies staff access to actual billed use and daily production information.

Reach out to Concentric to learn more on how a Water Accountability Portal can improve efficiency and save money in your community or agency.