Mike Klein, PE



Mike joined Concentric in 1999 as one of its founding members.  He was hired by his father, Dick Klein, after Dick spent over a year trying to convince him to quit his existing job and join the Concentric team.  Mike began his career as an electrical engineer, but his interest in automation and leadership aspirations led him to his position as Concentric’s Director of Automation.  As the Director of Automation and a University of Illinois engineering graduate (ILL!), Mike oversees all aspects of instrumentation, controls, and related automation in the firm.  Mike also bleeds black and white as the firm’s leading White Sox fan.

Tim Foerster

Regional Manager - North


Tim joined Concentric in 2012 with experience in IT consulting and a college degree in theology and politics.  Tim quickly gained an interest in how governments do (and sometimes don’t) work.  This insight and his drive for efficiency made him the ideal fit to oversee Concentric’s Information Management projects, later becoming Concentric’s first Account Manager, and eventually the firm’s Northern Regional Manager.  In this role, Tim continues to provide leadership in government and utility relationship management, as well as serve key clients.   Tim loves math more than he’s willing to admit (he’s into probabilities) and also provides advice to clients willing to listen on the best way to benefit from credit card points programs.

Rich Foley

Regional Manager - Central Illinois


Rich joined Concentric in 2012 with a full career’s worth of experience under his belt.  Rich leads Concentric’s Central Illinois region, overseeing staff and projects there.  He brings a multi-disciplined approach to engineering, integration, and service.  As an electrical engineering graduate of Bradley University (Illinois), and a student of what works and what doesn’t, Rich helps drive Concentric’s Central Illinois team towards excellence.

Larry Kravets

Director of IT Consulting 


Larry spent most of his early career as a Consultant as well as in corporate information technology and security.  Larry joined Concentric in 2009 bringing with him advanced awareness of cybersecurity and its impact on the industrial automation space.  Larry has provided SCADA architecture for approximately 50% of the water supply in Illinois and is the firm’s lead cybersecurity architect. As a degreed, multi-certified IT professional, Larry knows industrial IT security and makes sure Concentric’s client base sleeps better at night. With his busy schedule keeping our clients’ systems secure, no one knows where Larry comes up with the time to run, but Larry has completed over 20 marathons on 4 continents!

Jim Gramhofer

Automation Regional Manager / Technical Director


Jim joined Concentric in 2006.  Since then, his skills, values, and work ethic have been invaluable.  Jim can do it all! He heads up Concentric’s north region, overseeing staff and projects across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  Jim is the definintion of “hands on”  He regularly finds himself troubleshooting a control panel, behind a server, scoping work, remoting in to help, designing systems, and bailing out concerned clients…then the clock usually hits 8:00 AM.  Spending a lot of time in PLCs, Wonderware, iFIX, and FactoryTalk View, he also helps provide standards within the firm’s HMI business.